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Book Spotlight by Ellen Baker

The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson is a captivating tale that spans an extraordinary 90 years of the life of Cecily Larson. Her journey begins in an orphanage at the tender age of four, and soon after, she is sold to the circus to become a bareback trick rider. Cecily's life is filled with incredible highs and devastating lows, as she navigates through a world that demands resilience and strength. Now, at the age of 94, Cecily finds herself confined to a hospital bed after breaking her hip. As she lies there, she knows time may be running out for her to share a deeply buried secret with her family. Her daughter, Molly, and her grandson are working on a school research project about DNA. Unbeknownst to Cecily, they send in her DNA sample, leading the family to unexpected and life-changing revelations. As the DNA results come back, unanswered questions from Cecily’s past emerge, challenging the family’s understanding of their heritage. Will Cecily find the courage to reveal her hidden secrets? Can her family comprehend the trials she endured and the depth of her love for them? The Hidden Life of Cecily Larson is a poignant and heartwarming story of family, secrets, and the unbreakable bonds that tie generations together. Dive into Cecily’s remarkable life and discover a tale that is both inspiring and unforgettable.

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