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Book Spotlight by Charles Martin

The Last Exchange by Charles Martin is a book about the pursuit to discover self and love. The book starts with MacThomas Pockets, a former member of the Scottish Special Forces, flying home to start a quieter life. On the plane, he meets a film director who realizes the value of “Pocket’s” life experience. This director convinces Pockets to work as a consultant on his next movie. Pockets is soon introduced to the celebrity world of Los Angeles. It is there that he meets celebrity actress, Maybe Joe Sue and her husband Sid. After a harrowing incident, Maybe Joe Sue discovers that she is in need of a bodyguard and hires Pockets. Pockets learns that the job is more complicated than he thought. He becomes enmeshed in the life of Maybe Joe Sue and it leads to a great adventure. This book follows these characters over the next several years. There are kidnappings, arrests, blackmail and a few twists that will surprise you as their journey leads to revelations about themselves and others. This book was quick paced and a worthwhile read.

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