Beyond That, the Sea

3rd June 2023

Beyond That, the Sea by Laura Spence-Ash is a true gem of a book. It contrasts the worlds of two families who experienced World War II very differently. This book shares the story of an eleven year old girl, named Beatrix (Bea) Thompson. In order to keep their daughter safe from the war raging in London, Bea’s parents make the painful choice to send her to Boston to live with the Gregory family. Bea is heartbroken and doesn’t want to leave her family, but after experiencing a different life in Boston, free of the stress and the trauma of war, she begins to call Boston her home. Just as quickly as she left London, the war is over and Bea is forced to leave Boston and the people and home she has grown to love. She returns to post war London and must build a life there. This book was well written, and the story catches your heart as you follow Bea on this incredible journey of resilience, love, hope and acceptance.